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What is Wild Rift Boost?

Nothing is as satisfying as reaching your dream rank. Wild Rift boosting is a service we offer which aims to increase the rank of our customers to a desired level.

To accomplish this there are two ways Solo & Duo boosting, our experienced professional elo boosters will play the game until the desired rank is reached, whereby the customer can resume playing and enjoy the game at the highest competitive levels. 


With our strict hiring process selection, we only hire highly skilled players that will guarantee your order will be finished in time.

Wide variety of selection

Wild Rift Boosting Services: Wild Rift Boosting, Duo Boosting, Placement Matches, Normal Matches, Boosting Packages.

Affordable prices

Our service is aimed at guaranteeing that all absolutely everyone have access to quality services at an affordable price.

Wild Rift Boosting Service

Start in 5 Minutes

Place your order and we will assign a booster to start within 5 minutes.

High Winrate

89.12% average win-rate calculated across all elo boosting order types.

Premium VPN

We use custom VPN to hide the IP to better protect your account.

All Regions

We provide elo boost services in NA, EU, EUNE, OCE, LAN/LAS, and more.

Wild Rift Boost Statistics

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Premium Wild Rift Ranked Boost Service

Generally our average starting time for Wild Rift ranked boosting is 5 minutes.

Verified Reviews

The order just finished the same day I paid what can I say professional and really kind the booster.
Solo Rank Boosting
They have a really modern website and an actual 24/7 live support which I really appreciate.
Solo Rank Boosting
I was a bit effy because it's my first experience but I was more than surprised. My booster was very nice and I enjoyed seeing him carry 🙂
XC Jian
Duo Rank Boosting

Wild Rift Boosting F.A.Q

Below you can see the answers of the most frequent asked questions. We value the privacy of our customers.

We offer various services to improve your in-game ranking. After you place your order, you will be redirected to a page where you can contact our customer support via discord. Once done, you will be able to enter your account information so that the assigned booster can log in and start the Wild Rift boost.

Your account is registered with your email address which allows you to change your password only with your consent so you will always have the possibility to access it. All your information is kept secret and will never be shared with anyone until your Wild Rift Boost order is complete.

Normally 98% of the orders are started within the next 5 minutes after placing your order. The customer support service is available 24/7 so you can order Elo Boost at any time.

This service is provided by experienced Wild Rift coaches with professional coaching background.

Premium Wild Rift Boosting Service Features

Are you trying to find quick league of legends wild rift boosting by actual professional players? We provide a good listing of skilled players. Most of them have a background in csgo and overwatch. Therefore we as a service, have immense expertise in providing boosting services, however our wild rift boosters don’t have any less experience in boosting professionally in FPS games. From here we will list the benefits of our wild rift elo boosting service.

What is Wild Rift Boosting?